Teaching Degrees in North Dakota

Students interested in pursuing a teaching degree in North Dakota that are interested in teaching in the North Dakota public school system should know some important information about:

  • The impact of a master’s degree
  • Scholarships and grants
  • North Dakota teacher certification

u乐平台官网Also included here is a list of additional resources and a comprehensive directory of fully- accredited teaching degrees in North Dakota.

Teaching Degrees in North Dakota

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational credential required to obtain teaching certification in North Dakota. Those who wish to become teachers are also required to successfully complete an approved and accredited educator preparation program and testing prior to certification. There are currently 13 colleges and universities that offer teaching degrees in North Dakota. Only 28% of North Dakota teachers hold a master’s degree or higher. Those holding a master’s degree see a salary increase of nearly $8,500 per year over their bachelor’s degree counterparts.

Teaching Scholarships and Grants in North Dakota

u乐平台官网There are a variety of scholarships and grants to help with the cost of earning a teaching degree in North Dakota. Some examples are:

u乐平台官网 These scholarships are available to students seeking teaching degrees in North Dakota.

These $800 to $2,000 scholarships are available to students that are members of a recognized Indian tribe.

u乐平台官网 This program reduces $1,500 in loan debt per year for North Dakota teachers that are working in an STEM-related teaching field for a minimum of 12 months.

This federally funded grant program awards up to $4,000 per year to students currently pursuing a teaching degree in North Dakota, providing the student demonstrates financial need. Students must agree to work in a high-need school for a minimum of four years.

u乐平台官网 The University of North Dakota offers several teacher education scholarships and grants to undergraduate and graduate students.

North Dakota Teacher Certification

North Dakota currently offers the following 12 types of teaching licenses:

  • 40-Day Provisional – For teachers who have not yet had their background investigation completed.
  • Initial License (Two-Year) – For first-time teachers who meet all requirements of North Dakota teacher licensure.
  • Two Year Renewal – For substitute teachers.
  • Regular (Five-Year) – For teachers who have eighteen months experience or more and meet all requirements for the North Dakota Educator’s Professional License.
  • Alternate License (One-Year) – For teachers working in a shortage area. Request is made by school administrators.
  • Interim/Substitute (One-Year) – For teachers working in shortage areas and who have a bachelor’s of arts degree, but lack additional requirements. Request is made by school administrators.
  • Out-of-State Reciprocal (Two-Years) – For teachers who hold a license in another state, but need to meet North Dakota standards.
  • Re-Entry (Two-Years) – For teachers who have not taught in for five or more years.
  • Probationary (Two-Years) – For teachers who have not met the re-education requirements. This license is issued only once.
  • 30-Year Life – For teachers who have held a North Dakota teaching license for 30 years. These licenses do not expire.
  • Out of State Highly Qualified – For teachers who meet all requirements and have received Confirmation of Highly Qualified Status from the State Department of Education or Independent Board.
  • Other State Educator License (OSEL) – For teachers holding a valid license from an approved regular teacher education program in another state.

North Dakota state teacher certification requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Successful completion of an approved, accredited educator preparation program
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in applicable coursework
  • Three positive recommendations of teaching ability
  • Successful completion of the Praxis I and Praxis II tests
  • Successful completion of a North Dakota DOE-approved Native American Studies Course
  • Fingerprinting and background check

u乐平台官网North Dakota requires teachers to participate in professional development in order to continuously build additional knowledge and skills. The state requires teachers to attend ten approved workshops or conferences and earn a minimum of six semester hours of graduate coursework each five-year period to be eligible for recertification.

Additional Resources about Teaching in North Dakota

u乐平台官网The following resources provide additional information for those pursuing teaching degrees in North Dakota.

u乐平台官网 The state of North Dakota’s comprehensive site provides information and resources for individuals that are in pursuit of a teaching degree in North Dakota.

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