Teaching Degrees in Hawaii

u乐平台官网Individuals seeking to obtain a teaching degree in Hawaii or who wish to teach in the Hawaii public school system, should know about:

  • The value of a master’s degree
  • Available grants and scholarships
  • Hawaii teacher certification.

u乐平台官网Also included here is a list of additional resources and a comprehensive directory of fully- accredited teaching degrees in Hawaii.

Teaching Degrees in Hawaii

A teaching degree in Hawaii requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. There are a handful of accredited programs for obtaining a teaching degree in Hawaii. To be certified, teachers in Hawaii must have completed a state approved teacher education program (SATED). This does not mean that the program must be approved in Hawaii, however, but that the program is an approved teacher education program in the state in which it is completed.

First-time teachers in Hawaii can expect to earn a starting salary of $43,157, while the overall average teaching salary is $55,733. Teachers with master’s degrees account for 32.6 percent of all teachers in the state, and $4,524 per year more those with only a bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Scholarships and Grants in Hawaii

There are some scholarship options for teaching programs in Hawaii and for Hawaiian students pursuing a teaching degree stateside, such as:

The Hawaii Community Foundation awards more than 12 different scholarships to students pursuing teaching degrees.

u乐平台官网 Each year the Hawaii Education Association (HEA) offers two scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are HEA members, children of HEA members, or grandchildren or legally adopted grandchildren of HEA members.

The College of Education at The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers several scholarships to Hawaii residents pursuing undergraduate and graduate teaching degrees.

Hawaii Teacher Certification

There are several types of licenses available for teaching in Hawaii. The Provisional License is renewable yearly for three years. The Standard License is good for five years. The Advanced License, which is good for ten years, is available to teachers who have a master’s or higher-level degree or who have received a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certificate.

u乐平台官网Certification requirements include:

  • Completion of an accredited teaching certification program
  • Criminal background check and child abuse clearances
  • Passing the Praxis I and Praxis II exams

In addition, there are several alternate paths for teaching degrees in Hawaii. The state offers the Re-specialization in Special Education (RISE) licensing program, which is geared towards teachers with only a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. The program helps those teachers attain their certificate through a two-year on-the-job training program. There is also a one-year course for teachers who already hold an elementary or secondary teaching certificate but are seeking certification to teach special education.

Important Noteu乐平台官网: A reciprocity license in Hawaii, the Standard License, is available to approved applicants with valid teaching licenses or degrees from another state or with teaching experience outside Hawaii. This is available through the Interstate Reciprocity program.

u乐平台官网The standard continuing teaching license in Hawaii is good for five years, with an advanced license available to those with higher level degrees and certifications. Licensing renewal in Hawaii is done online, and requires proof that the educator has met ten core education standards. Continuing education in Hawaii is offered through the Office of Continuing Education and Training.

Additional Resources about Teaching in Hawaii

u乐平台官网The following resources provide additional information about becoming a professional teacher in Hawaii and maintaining this status.

The Department of Education provides information regarding the state school system, meetings, licensure renewal, and teaching standards in Hawaii.

u乐平台官网 The Hawaii Department of Labor is an excellent source of job openings and information on the Hawaii labor market.

This site provides information on the ten requisite core teacher performance and knowledge standards in Hawaii.

u乐平台官网 The website for the Hawaii teachers’ union offers great information and resources.

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