u乐平台官网 is projected to increase by 8% between 2016 and 2026, which will lead to almost 50,000 new positions. The BLS also projects an 8% increase for , resulting in more than 75,000 jobs added.

u乐平台官网 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of middle school teachers is projected to increase by 8% between 2016 and 2026, which will lead to almost 50,000 new positions.

u乐平台官网The Department of Education reports math as a common subject in the . When combined with BLS projections, there should be high employment possibilities for candidates who earn online math education degrees.

Candidates who go on to earn a master's degree can explore more advanced careers in education, such as who help shape curricula for school districts. The BLS projects an 11% increase for these positions between 2016 and 2026. A master's also qualifies individuals to work as and at some schools; these positions are projected to grow by 8% and 15%, respectively, in the coming years.

u乐平台官网Graduates can also pursue noneducation careers that relate to mathematics. Possibilities include , , , and .

u乐平台官网This page examines some of these careers in more depth, along with common elements of math education programs, requirements for teaching certifications, and ideal traits for online learners.

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education Program?

u乐平台官网The process of earning an online math education degree differs among schools. However, learners can expect to take general education courses, along with math and teaching classes. Programs also hone communication skills to improve lecture delivery and examine the psychology and development of school-aged children. Participants usually need to engage in fieldwork to earn their degrees.

Curriculum for an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education

Coursework varies among math education programs but typically explores teaching strategies and mathematical areas, such as algebra and calculus. Degree seekers become familiarized with math concepts and learn how to explain these ideas in a classroom setting. Programs often focus on secondary classrooms since elementary educators teach more than one subject. Common courses for online math teaching degrees include the following options.


Students pursuing an accredited bachelor's in math education must study math subjects that surface in classrooms. Candidates who want to teach high school, for instance, may explore trigonometry. Trigonometry learners examine the relationships between sides and angles and become familiar with terms such as radian, inverse function, and arcs.

Student Teaching in Mathematics Education

To earn a top online math education degree, candidates often gain experience in a supervised classroom in preparation for teaching careers. These experiences may include delivering lectures and assisting learners with course material. Student teaching typically occurs during the later part of a program. Students may need to hold a minimum GPA to engage in student teaching, and the department may need to approve the locations for these experiences.

Classroom Management

This course examines ways to promote healthy and structured learning by looking into management models and behavioral tendencies of students. In general, candidates explore how to maintain discipline while nurturing learning interests. Classwork may focus on specific grade levels, such as middle school or high school.

Teaching Mathematics

Students explore instructional methodologies and teaching strategies for math. Coursework addresses technology, lesson plans, and research in math education. These classes often focus on secondary classrooms to prepare students for careers as middle school or high school math teachers. Courses may also include a field component.

Curriculum and Assessment

Candidates learn to build lesson plans and organize courses that highlight material and learners' needs. This process includes considering lesson sequence, assessing a course plan's effectiveness, and altering plans when necessary. This class prepares learners for teaching careers but also relates to instructional coordinator positions where candidates design curricula for schools.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education?

These bachelor's degrees often require students to earn around 120 credits, which usually takes about four years. However, this timeframe can vary based on factors like credit and field requirements. Programs with more rigorous student teaching requirements may take longer to complete.

Departments may also provide accelerated paths where degree seekers can complete more credits per year than the typical full-time student. These extra credits may come from higher course loads or by attending school over the summer.

Studying part time can also impact a student's graduation timeline; learners may need to take less credits per term to balance work or family responsibilities. However, part-time status may increase the overall program cost since tuition typically increases each year.

Learners can also enroll in programs with cohort learning, progressing through classes with a group of their peers. This format has a more rigid pace, and students who want to personalize their graduation timelines should avoid these programs.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Online learning requires discipline and time management since students explore course materials and submit assignments largely without supervision. A strong work ethic also helps since many students continue to hold full-time jobs or tend to their families while going to school. Candidates must find time to fit coursework into their schedules.

Additionally, students must understand technology well enough to use online tools and platforms like Blackboard and Moodle. For example, candidates may need to submit papers, participate in online discussions, create PowerPoint presentations, and take online exams. Comfort with technology can simplify these processes.

Online students should boast strong communication skills for various situations. For instance, students may need to email professors for assignment clarity or engage in group conversations for class projects. Students typically perform these tasks without in-person meetings, which eliminates communication elements like nonverbal cues and tone. For this reason, written communication skills may be particularly important for online learning.

Math Education Certification

To teach in public K-12 classrooms, candidates need a teaching certification. The process to obtain this credential varies by state. In general, candidates must earn an education degree and take at least one licensing assessment, such as a Praxis exam. However, certification in some states may require passing more than one examination. In Kentucky, for instance, math teachers in secondary schools must take two exams: .

Candidates may be able to pursue certification through alternative means. For example, states may provide Transitioning to Teaching programs for individuals with noneducation degrees who want to become teachers. Other alternative pathways may involve portfolios or collaboration with groups such as or .

To teach in public K-12 classrooms, candidates need a teaching certification.

Teachers must engage in lifelong learning to maintain and renew their certifications. Courses and professional development opportunities, such as conferences and webinars, may satisfy these continuing education requirements. Notable organizations with professional development opportunities include the and the .

Some states offer license reciprocity for credentials earned in other states, although the extent of these agreements varies. For instance, a state may recognize an out-of-state teaching credential but insist on further education, tests, or training.

Math Education u乐平台官网

Candidates who earn bachelor's degrees in math education online can pursue teaching credentials to work as K-12 math educators. Graduates can also obtain advanced degrees to work as instructional coordinators and principals. However, graduates can also find employment in noneducation settings. An expertise in mathematics proves useful in various areas, like finance and insurance.

High School Teacher

Description educate adolescents and ready them for state assessments and college. These educators often focus on a single field. Candidates who earn an online math education degree can teach a variety of high school math courses, such as geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Professional responsibilities include creating lesson plans, grading coursework, and discussing student progress with parents. Requirements for these careers include a bachelor's degree.
Median Annual Salary $60,320
Projected Job Growth Rate 8%

Middle School Teacher

Description help students transition from elementary school to high school. Like high school teachers, these educators often teach classes in one discipline, such as math, and ready students for state testing. Additional tasks include creating/maintaining classroom regulations and giving students feedback on assignments. Candidates need a bachelor's for these positions.
Median Annual Salary $58,600
Projected Job Growth Rate 8%

Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency Diploma Teacher

Description offer literacy assistance and prepare adults for high school equivalency exams. This process involves introducing learners to high school math concepts. These educators can also train adults about necessary skills for everyday life and career success, such as budgeting and general math. These positions require a bachelor's degree.
Median Annual Salary $53,630
Projected Job Growth Rate -5%

Personal Financial Advisor

Description assist clients in making financial decisions by discussing objectives, suggesting financial strategies, and explaining risk factors. These candidates may direct individuals on investments, stocks, savings, taxes, and assets. They may also advise clients on financial plan alterations when necessary. Earning an online math teaching degree provides learners with basic math skills that relate to these positions.
Median Annual Salary $88,890
Projected Job Growth Rate 15%

Insurance Underwriter

Description review insurance applications and determine when to offer agreements. This process involves considering risk elements and communicating with outside sources, such as doctors. These professionals must also choose insurance amounts, payment schedules, and plan limitations on a case-by-case basis. Earning a bachelor's in math education online teaches candidates mathematical foundations that apply to these positions.
Median Annual Salary $69,380
Projected Job Growth Rate -5%